DIY gifted education

How does Zippy feel about changing school?  I meant changing from an International School to a local school where the school culture is very different.


What makes him happy about going to school every morning?


The answer is making his own Gifted Education DIY for Classroom Use.  Possible?  Yeah. Nothing is impossible.  The only thing, I guess, is doing it creatively.
Zippy’s mom is preparing worksheets for her son. The worksheets derive their themes from the textbook.  The items of these worksheets include a relatively wide range of thinking skills across levels of abstraction or conceptual complexity.
Zippy, after completion of regular learning materials, will move to the small group study corner, to work with two other advanced learners in the class. These students will concentrate on the HOMEMADE worksheet demanding higher level thinking skill and use of language.
Family support is key!
The mom is definitely understanding and supportive enough to work with the class teachers to share the workload of optimizing the learning and development of gifted children in regular classroom.  The teachers will have the gifted learners finished the basic learning materials that are required as target of teaching and content of assessment.
Afterwards, the advanced learners, about three, including Zippy, will be working on the same HOMEMADE stuff. These learners are expected to do brainstorming, outlining main themes and collect further information prior to writing their own stuff.  These students do not have to worry about not enough time to do QUALITY work because they have several lessons to complete their work as long as they complete the regular learning materials.
Here’s how Zippy did it
To quote an example, while the classmates concentrate on the learning activities developed from the textbook materials about Food Festival, Zippy and his two peers, are given materials to read about food festival information of several countries because it challenges the reading skill of these advanced learners.
More importantly, the worksheets require these students to choose their own favorable food festival to introduce to the Hong Kong kids and to explain why.  In addition, the students will describe what special activities they would use to attract more kids to come, enjoy and learn with their friends or family.
Let’s see how things are going next week.  Just can’t wait to hear from Zippy, his mom and the Teacher.