Joey Sham

Nurtured by his parent with great fund of mentoring experience, Joey has demonstrated the sensitivity, confidence and skills in teaching science and math academic to our students with multiple exceptional needs. Joey is fond of talking with the children heart to heart. Given his undergraduate education in mechanical engineering and maths, his coaching of gifted children on math and science is beyond the subject specific knowledge but also in touch with their intellectual and emotional growth. Joey is a nice, insightful and humble guy graduated from the University of Windsor on scholarship in 2008. His support makes a difference in the ICGT community. Our gifted students, in particular, treasure him as a great mentor along their journey of learning and personal growth





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– Josephina Anna Lee


My Little pony equestrian girls 2 – Peony Fong

“This is a picture of princess celestia and two other girls they are from a cartoon called my little pong equestrian girls I drawed a fenix and fenix eggs in a nestin a tree and I drawed some clouds and a sun.” ~ Peony Fong

My Little pony equestrian girls 2

Our little painter :

Peony Fong – “Hi I’m Peony and I am eight years old. I live in Hong Kong. I like drawing because it’s fun!!”


資優 從心出發 (中文) Part 1

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資優 從心出發 (中文) Part 1

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Expand His Experiential Knowledge – by KL

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  1. International Center For the Gifted & Talented (HK) shared Asperger/亞氏保加/亞斯伯格代言人‘s photo. August 10
  1. 鵝認為: “這位四歲IQ達145的女孩Anala Beevers坦言自己很聰明,比父母更加聰明,又熱心糾正父母的語法,是意味着父母未能滿足到她對知識的渴求,因為父母不能像她擅長記憶或者標準語法。父母要注意,在她記着一些知識的同時,還要引導她思考更多,例如:那些知識給自己有甚麼感受、對人有什麼關係、如何應用在生活上、現在與過住學的有甚麼不同……父母應該要擴闊她,以免她被自己的強項記憶力,局限在「純粹記著」。”新聞原文: http://hk.news.yahoo.com/黑人四歲女iq145-躋全美最聰明人榜-222133865.html

I fully agree with the above. I remember Ryan was interested in MTR last year. Within a few days, he could dictate all 84 MTR stations. However, we don’t want him to just “memorize” the MTR stations. We encouraged him to explore and broaden his knowledge. Every weekend, we promised to bring him to one MTR station and looked around the surrounding area of the station. We would like him to extend his understanding from MTR station to the transportation network and city layout. After each journey, he would describe the station, stick some photos and collect the station information pamphlet in his journal. This is not just a good learning experience, but also an excellent parent child activity to us!

In addition, we gave Ryan the freedom to choose the route from station to station. He was so excited about it. Sometimes he showed us the short cut; sometimes he liked the long way. He was our tour guide and we could rely on him to bring us to the destination. I am proud of him! That’s how we put knowledge into practice!