Making Friends: The Power of Love and Peace (Sharing of my trip to Italy)


There is a saying that friendship is a gift. For some people, making friends is not their interest. For majority of young people affected by the Autism Spectrum Disorder, making friends is hard and at times stressful, let alone building friendship.

This time I come to Rome for the 25th Annual World Peace Meeting, I am going to meet a lot of new friends with very diverse ethnic and social background. People from North Europe, North Africa, Balkans, Pakistan, Philippine, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Korea, Japan, United States of America and many more, will join together to share the journey of their peoples in helping those who suffer in poverty or war. One thing drawing us together is our courage to hope for peace and fraternity. The first steps are making friends with each other and understand what is happening to their countries that hurt and how their people deal with it.

Personally, I am not very social and I do not actively make a lot of friends. In this trip, I want to find out what drives a person who is not socially active, just like me, to make friends.

Nonetheless, I think it’s important to share what I observe during this World Peace Meeting about how people make friends and care for each other. I wish such sharing (of what I observe) will remind us of why making friends is meaningful and rewarding. Hopefully, there will be chance that people with ASD or without much social motivation will discover the links between meeting friends and making peace.

More sharing and photos will thus be shared between 28 September to 9th October 2013.



一手知識-Asperger/亞氏保加/亞斯伯格的優點 by Chan,W.H., Ho,J.A., & Ho,S.W. (2012)

by Chan,W.H., Ho,J.A., & Ho,S.W. (2012)
* 亞氏保加症(Asperger syndrome, 簡稱AS, 又名亞斯伯格症)




by Asperger/亞氏保加/亞斯伯格代言人

圖:《原來是美男 朴信惠》


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