Falling in Love with the Gifted

Are there people gifted in love? The answer is YES. Among others, romantic love is one the most intense forms of human interaction. Gifted lovers deserve more attention of researchers because we want to ,=expand our understanding of gifted behaviors such as abstract thinking, rapid learning, emotion sensitivity and sense of humor in the service of love. Understanding the gifted is much exciting in many areas other than teaching and learning. I wonder what clinicians, researchers and advocates in the field of gifted development would think.


亞氏保加式放大鏡2 by Asperger代言人




by Asperger/亞氏保加/亞斯伯格代言人


亞氏保加式放大鏡 by Asperger代言人




by Asperger/亞氏保加/亞斯伯格代言人


母親感言:“守護生命的故事” 作者CC


這集是講生孩子。要生一個健康的孩子,原來懷孕過程已經很難,可以有發生很多危機的。我很感恩,我家兩🐷🐷,雖然常令我「吐血」,但他們總算是健健康康。如果現在我這年紀才生孩子的話風險㑹很高,例如智力會出問題,25個中就有1個患唐氏綜合症。我很喜歡收看這類“醫生”節目。當年我懷大兒子時,我看 BBC那套講人由卵子和精子結合的節目,它主要講述婴兒出生到死的過程,由细胞成功結合和分裂,到能夠誕下一個新生命,中間有很多很多變數,實在不是你和我能掌握的。一切像有所安排,那個安排,好像又是為你度身訂造的。我看了這個BBC節目很多次直到我大兒出生為止。




Students with Difficulty to Activate

Some of my students whose parents have been complaining for years about difficulties of their children to start up school work, tend to underperform socially and academically. Our observation is increased emotional outbursts in these students in everyday life especially getting up for school in the morning. Such morning battles are quite common among these students since childhood. And I find that advice to parents of children with morning battles usually helps. As the parents understand more about the low mental energy and inconsistent mental effort, they are able to recognize the struggles of their children in problem solving tasks, be it academic or social, which demand considerable mental effort to work out various solutions or follow through the process.

The pearl is living with the inertia to activate by increased self awareness and wisdom to formulate person-friendly approach. At the end of the day, personal efficacy and self advocacy, however gifted and talented an individual is, should be the target for personal growth.