School Refusal Behavior in High Functioning Autism Students 


I’ve gone to home visit this morning.  The mother is worried that her 13 year old son with High Functioning Autism/Asperger who refused to go to school in the past two months, may not be willing to talk about his school problems.  Actually, her son is very transparent, perceptive and expressive that he tells me how he likes learning and sees school as an important place to learn things.  He is admirable.  He simply doesn’t know why he gets anxious and feels stomachache before he goes to school.  In retrospect, he had that experience when he was in senior primary school.  I am optimistic that he will develop some skills and personal resources to overcome his anxious experience about going to school.  The ultimate goal should be how to manage anxious experience, enjoy learning and develop adaptive skills through school life.  

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