Individual Talent for 21st Century Workforce

Image Source: startupicon.tv

More and more creative young people find mobile technology part of their life. These people that I am referring to are not simply users of APPs for game or other entertainment. They are young entrepreneur.

Last week, I met some young adults in a local government-initiated entrepreneur center for incubation of mobile technology, including the design of APP. Their creative and diligent work is admirable! They work in teams pooling their effort to create APPs.

Some friends of mine from Mobile Technology industries told me that growing number of enterprising and creative people all over the world work in teams for Tech Startups. By pooling their individual strengths and talent for a target product, these teams are able to create new APPs which potentially appeal to millions of APP users. It is hard to imagine the social impact of such team effort.

What interests me is the growth of these teams? It is a rule rather than exception that majority of startup teams start from scratch. Team members contribute their special knowledge, effort and time Pro Bono. They have to trust others.

While maximizing the opportunity of success, the team has to speed up the content and product development of the new APP. In order to attract more intelligence such as business planners, strategists and fund raising agents, the team has to disclose varying proportion of their invention. Leaking information is always an issue. One of the solutions may be speeding up the production and business growth while appropriate measures for protection of the intellectual property par se should be in place. Just like a forest burn-and-slash man who provides food for his tribe, he has to set fire in a way safe enough to grow crops for feeding his people. He has to balance threats and productivity by managing pros and cons aptly.

Finding a job for secure future is a kind of outdated or 20th Century mindset. Maximizing creative potentials and returns, in the 21st Century, require radical flexibility of minds. Look! Review of the Journey of personal, professional and social growth of people who started up social media like Facebook, Instagram and many others, we find optimism, shared risks, limitless capacity of problem solving, flexible minds and friendship.

Such new culture of APP or Tech startup teams reveals the truth that individual talent is not sufficient in itself to make a difference. I strongly recommend gifted and talented young to develop their business intelligence since elementary school. Instead of being a frequent user of mobile technology, it is so much fun to get involved with teamwork for turning innovative ideas into real. It holds true especially for highly able people with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

In sum, the pearl of startup experience is enlarging the social impact of shared passion. Making meaningful friendship is the corner stone for sustainable growth whereas personal and professional growth is inseparable.

Everything starts with trust!


Brothers and Sisters

The growing influence of the Global Centre of Giftedness and Talents feels like fresh breeze to caregivers of the uniquely gifted individuals. Taking the role of leadership in service of the gifted , the Global Centre will open up our eyes to see the art of understanding of the gifted in the socio-cultural context of Europe.

Individual giftedness and talents strive for personal success should hardly bring out the best of the mankind. Nonetheless, social fraternity is a goal of gifted development worth fighting for to share the fruit of individual talents and restore brotherhood in the mankind.