Communication matters

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For the sake of family unity, we try to communicate our expectation and needs. The endpoint is understanding differences and reaching a resolution most acceptable to all.  If, as family member, we don’t pay our effort to communicate and negotiate, how can we come to a win-win situation in the family?  I think this is family education important to share with young people on the high functioning autism spectrum.  



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ABLES 指Ability-based Learning and Excellence Search 即以才能為本發掘個别優勢的學習之旅。我們為一羣社交上遇上一些挑戰的年青人而設計的十節課程,他們有其獨特的才能和志趣,這個課程就是為加深了解他們每一個人,欣賞每一個的特㸃和強項。




Pope Francis’ Message about Family

  Pope Francis’s Message about the Family

“There is no perfect family. We have no perfect parents, we are not perfect, do not get married to a perfect 

person, neither do we have perfect children.

We have complaints about each other. We are disappointed by one another. Therefore, there is no healthy 

marriage or healthy family without the exercise of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is vital to our emotional health and spiritual survival. Without forgiveness the family becomes a 

theater of conflict and a bastion of grievances. Without forgiveness the family becomes sick.

Forgiveness is the sterilization of the soul, cleansing the mind and the liberation of the heart.

Anyone who does not forgive has no peace of soul and communion with God. Pain is a poison that 

intoxicates and kills. Maintaining a wound of the heart is a self-destructive action. It is an autophagy.

He who does not forgive sickens physically, emotionally and spiritually. That is why the family must be a 

place of life and not of death; an enclave of cure not of disease; a stage of forgiveness and not of guilt.

Forgiveness brings joy where sorrow produced pain; and healing, where pain caused disease.”


Social Quota

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“Social quota” refers to the amount of energy one affords in dealing with social interaction.  To what extent is social interaction enjoyable? Actually it varies with your personality characteristics, mood and settings.  For individuals with Aspergers or high functioning autism, interaction with people can drain their energy dramatically especially in topics not exactly of their genuine interests.  It is, therefore, good to be aware of the variations of “social quota” of oneself before stretching too thin.  For example, I was going out for a movie last night with 10 people.  We had dinner and then movie.  I found staying over for a chat after the movie a bit over my “social quota”.  In order to maintain my emotion balance, I preferred going home to staying over after the movie.  Self understanding and emotion wellbeing matters.


由愛情經驗出發:亞氏保加大學生的成長與生活輔導 作者KC

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K: “從愛情方面入手” 只是我現時對亞氏保加大學生身心健康發展指導的其中一部分。

由於我在大學主修心理學,並有一個相識多時而大家感情發展穩定的女朋友,過著數年 「長期分隔異地的戀情」, 彼此都還能保持感情愉快。這樣背景造就了我擔任朋輩之間關系與溝通 (包括友情,或男女感情) 的調解與輔導者,一些朋友或舊同學往往”看中”我的心理學背景加上這些調解紛爭的經驗會找我幫助。值得一提的是,我發現有些朋輩之間的”感情糾紛”正正就是建基於其中一方 (甚至雙方) 帶有亞氏保加症的特質,他們情感/溝通上的缺陷往往在深層次交往上 (例如大學生活的舍堂關系、兄弟決裂、情侶不和等)顯露出來,漸漸引發至一連串的感情與友情疑惑。而我以朋輩的身份耹聽和調解這種糾紛,一方面減少代溝的出現,同時我的個人經驗與心理學專業知識亦有助我協調制造出一個有效、雙贏的局面。

老師:這確是一項重要的服務計劃啊!那麼除了朋輩之間的 “衝突調解員” 之外,你還可能怎樣幫助他們?





Go beyond the limit

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Humans tend to limit their thoughts, feelings and assumptions by anxiety and fear of loss control. Being aware of the limited vision and open to the abundance of being, we shall be able to see the light and feel the wonder of life.

It is all reachable. Why don’t we drink in the true joy here and now?