Midlife crisis: Life assignment overdue

We were borne with nothing. As we grow older, wIth more experience, knowledge and skills, we are capable of earning more and more.

The more intense we quest and gain, the more we urge and hunt. The stronger the ego looks, the weaker the soul speaks.

Sooner or later, there must be a time when we are no more satisfied with what we possess. More tragic, we tend to deny the unfulfilling experience deep inside and escape from the unsettled feelings. Instead, we seek instant gratification pretending that we have found the thing most desirable. These patterns of behaviors repeatedly unfold in many people during midlife regardless of their ethnic and social background.歲月如梭,人到中年對成敗得失漸漸沒看得那麼重,生命中曾經擁有過什麼了不起的亦不過是浮雲散聚,有多滿足?問誰悉透?片刻的空虛感原來是有益的,要好好把握它。心裏有什麼點欠缺便趕急找些什麼來填補裝出一副隨心所欲的模樣,而沒給自己充份時間和空間聆聽內心的呼喚,結果更糟。心理學家見過無數中年人有類同的經歷,似乎無分膚色種族和社會地位。

Psychologists coin the term “midlife crisis”. I guess it’s all about life assignment overdue. In terms of the Jungian model, midlife crisis is the opportunity when we discover how imbalanced our personality characteristics are and a new perception of what meaning of life one intends really pursue.