Social Quota

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“Social quota” refers to the amount of energy one affords in dealing with social interaction.  To what extent is social interaction enjoyable? Actually it varies with your personality characteristics, mood and settings.  For individuals with Aspergers or high functioning autism, interaction with people can drain their energy dramatically especially in topics not exactly of their genuine interests.  It is, therefore, good to be aware of the variations of “social quota” of oneself before stretching too thin.  For example, I was going out for a movie last night with 10 people.  We had dinner and then movie.  I found staying over for a chat after the movie a bit over my “social quota”.  In order to maintain my emotion balance, I preferred going home to staying over after the movie.  Self understanding and emotion wellbeing matters.


Go beyond the limit

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Humans tend to limit their thoughts, feelings and assumptions by anxiety and fear of loss control. Being aware of the limited vision and open to the abundance of being, we shall be able to see the light and feel the wonder of life.

It is all reachable. Why don’t we drink in the true joy here and now?


What looks ordinary and extraordinary



After the examination and annual report of my PhD, I steal some time for a relaxing weekend with my daughter in Canberra. Two things to do. Washing car with her using mom’s tips of water-saving strategies and wiping glasses with newspapers. Another thing will be doing Sunday brunch at food market in a suburb 20 min drives away from the city center.

For me, car wash and brunch at food market with my daughter is fun. The pearl is for, with and through love, doing ordinary things with our loved ones can be extraordinary.