Update (32): Spread the news of relief works in Cebu to Hong Kong Community

Update (32): Spread the news of relief works in Cebu to Hong Kong Community

The journey to Cebu is not a one way traffic. Back to Hong Kong, we want to share the Cebu experience. I believe that growing number of people will benefit from the solidarity of our relief works in Northern Cebu. It is a sign of friendship. It’s also time to rebuild the connection between Filipino fellows and Hong Kong people. Love is stronger than anything else.

Please join the Prayer Service for the Victim of Yolanda, on December 8th, 2013 (Sunday) at 6-8pm in St. Joseph Church, 37 Garden Rd, Hong Kong. 852 2522 3992.


Update (30) Beloved and be the love

Last Tuesday we followed the advice of Bishop Palma to go to an outlying island north of Cebu. We were not familiar with this remote area neither was the driver. Riz asked her colleague Cam to lead our way because she was borne there and her parents and siblings were living in the northern part of the island. At the end of that day, we went back to the city of Cebu after finishing our mission to bring goods and food to the people of Santa Fe and Bantayan. Cam was so touched that we brought these supplies to the parish of her village. We were happy that we were able to help Riz’s friends in need. This is fraternity.

Guess what? This weekend Riz bought supplies to send to the north again. But look! Cam stood by Riz and became part of the team to help out. Wow, more and more friends joined their effort to stretch their love to the needy. Wow, what a beautiful spirit. It’s the spirit of St. Egidio Community.

Cam felt beloved last Tuesday whereas she showed the love to the needy this weekend. The beloved and love becomes one.


Update (29) After the Hong King team left, Riz…..

After Cat and I left The Philippines, the courage of hope and distribution of food went on. Riz passes the spirit of St Egidio Community on and gives the needed supports to the Northern Part of Cebu which would strengthen the people there. We are very happy that Riz is able to mobilize her friends and family to carry on the mission of relief program. In Hong Kong, there must have lots of Filipino people who are worried about their families and closed ones living without water, shelter, electricity and food. I hope the St Egidio Community to reach out to these families for them.


Update (27) Commitment to Care

I met a few Filipino friends today. They brought children to my office for some afterschool enrichment classes. We are used to saying hi and bye, nothing more.

This time, I shared my experience of sending goods and food to Northern Cebu. My Filipino friends cried.

I asked for help from them that we needed contact of people in Hong Kong whose families were mostly affected by the damages of Yolanda. If we were to create a public event to gather Filipino and pray together in Hong Kong, which parish should we go? What should be the take home message of this event?

We need your input.


Update (26) Stretch our love to reach the needy

It is important to share our supports to people in North Cebu with the Philippino community in Hong Kong.  I hope that their hearts will be consoled by our efforts to reach to the poor people in the Philippines under the devastating damage of Typhoon Yolanda.  The fact is, local families and the economy of Hong Kong has been greatly benefitted from the Philippino maid who take care of our children and family matters faithfully. It’s time for us to return love to them. Our trip to Cebu is a sign of the Living Word and walking gospel. Could anyone suggest key persons for us to contact to organize some meaningful events in Hong Kong? It is important to let the spirit of fraternity to pass it on. We want our Philippino brothers and sisters to know how much we value them.  Any input?